IEEE 802.15 Working Group for WSN

The IEEE 802.15 WG (Working Group) develops Wireless Specialty Network standards for short distance wireless networks; a.k.a. WSNs. We have a growing Membership.  The following will tell you how to become a Working Group Member too.

IEEE 802.15 Requirements for Working Group Voting Membership

Please refer to the Voting Rights section beginning on page 36 of the IEEE 802.15 Operations Manual.

Becoming a member of the LAN/MAN 802.15 & LMSC Sponsor Ballot Pools

If you wish to vote on 802.15 (or other 802) draft standards at the Sponsor Ballot stage (the 2nd voting level after they have passed Working Group Ballot) you need to become a member of the LMSC Sponsor Ballot Pool. To be a voting member in the LMSC Sponsor Ballot Pool you must:- After you have completed this, whenever a balloting group is formed to ballot on a proposed IEEE 802 standard you will be asked if you wish to be in that particular balloting group.


If you would like to contact the IEEE 802.15 Webmaster, email to
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