IEEE 802.15 Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs)

We are contribution and event driven.  The IEEE 802.15 WG requires that ALL contributions or submissions have the following templates and file naming conventions applied BEFORE being sent into the WG or TG Chair for session agenda slot assignment; which ever is applicable.  Once assigned/accepted for the event or session the WG Chair should be contacted for document number assignment. The required software applications for 802.15 WG files, file names, etc. are outlined below but can also be found documented in our Operating Rules, in Adobe PDF (585KB). We have provided a quick reference graphic, in JPEG (104KB) to assist the reader in understanding our file names.  Additionally, here is a quick summary of the logistics for submission handling:

  1. All contributions have to have a 802.15 Document Number assigned to be considered valid by the WG.
  2. While in Session, presentation files have to be made available 24 hours before the presentation.  Availability means a softcopy "on the Flash PC Card" which are circulated during the session. If presentation files are not available, they can be removed from the agenda and not allowed to be presented. (This is a copyright, and archive issue - we don't want to have to chase people for their documents.)
  3. If the submission has been assigned to an agenda slot and/or assigned a document number they can be posted publicly before the 24 hour deadline - there are no limits on early web posting.
  4. All postings have to be reviewed by at least one officer from WG or TG (Doc Master can be used as a secondary) to make sure file format, copyright, and logo type issues are properly enforced.


We have created two (2) templates (MS Word '97 and MS PowerPoint '97) for document submission to our Working Group. Here are the Templates:

The template is most easily used by saving it to your Templates directory. An example of creating an MS Word document for submission has been provided.

Once this is done, create a new document by:

  1. Selecting File>New (not the empty page icon)
  2. Select the appropriate template from the dialog box (IEEE

Perform the following procedure for a new Word document:

  1. Select File>Properties
  2. Select the Summary tab
  3. Change the Title entry to correspond to the title of the paper (and use this as the file name when saving)
  4. Change the Subject, Author, Category, Comments, and other entries as approporiate.
  5. Select the entire document (ctl-a)
  6. Update fields (F9)
  7. Save file, abondon edit of file and then reload.

The file should now be fully conformant to the approved IEEE 802.15 Operating Rules.


802.15 uses the LMSC document numbering scheme. Every official document produced or archived by the Working Group will have a document number assigned in the format:


where yy is the year produced, m is a sequential number assigned by the WG secretary or designee, and ri is a revision designation. Brackets indicate the field is only present if additional versions of the document are produced and are brackets not included in the document number. The revision designation has a lower case r constant followed by a sequential number, that is assigned by the WG secretary or designee.

Draft standards for 802.15 will have the format:


where i is the Draft Revision Number, yy is the year produced, and m is a sequential number assigned by the WG secretary or designee.

File names for these documents will be in the form:


where yy is the year produced, m is a sequential number assigned, ri is a revision designation and t a meaningful description of the document that can also be used as the title and is in the heading of the document.

Document 802.15-yy/0ri will be the master index of documents for the year yy. Each time the document list is published by its maintainer, the revision number i is incremented


Submissions will be in one of the following formats:

Graphics included in submissions will be in one of the following formats:

Documents submitted to WG 802.15 shall use the style templates supplied by the WG for all submissions. The Microsoft Word 97 shall be used for text submissions, Microsoft PowerPoint 97 will be used for presentations, Microsoft Excel 97 will be used for spreadsheets, and Microsoft Access 97 shall be used for database submissions. When Word or PowerPoint submissions are made, the templates published on the WG 802.15 web page must be used.

Special fields are used in the templates to assure adherence to document standards. Information on how to change <title> and other required fields is contained in the Word template. DO NOT replace field codes with text.

If you would like to contact the IEEE 802.15 Webmaster, email to
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