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stds-802-16: 802.16a Approved as an IEEE Standard!

Dear 802.16 Members, Observers, participants, and friends:

I am delighted to bring you the news that 802.16a/D7 is now approved 
as IEEE Standard 802.16a!

Congratulations to the whole 802.16a team and to the entire Working 
Group. We owe a particular thanks to the hardworking 802.16a Chair, 
Brian Kiernan, and Technical Editor, Nico Van Waes, for their hard 
work and for the continuity they brought to the project during its 
the three years of development. I also want to thank former RevCom 
Chair Howard Frazier for his readiness to provide help and sound 

We'll be working hard to get the standard professionally edited (by 
IEEE Staff Project Editor Don Messina) and published sometime in 

We made it! Go raise a glass to WirelessMAN!



Dr. Roger B. Marks  <>          
Chair, IEEE 802.16 WG on Broadband Wireless Access <>
National Institute of Standards and Technology/Boulder, CO, USA
tel: +1 303 497 3037   fax: +1 509 756 2642

(See also <>)

>29 January 2003
>Roger Marks
>325 Broadway, MC 813.00
>Boulder, CO  80305
>cc:   Paul Nikolich, C/LM Liaison & Negative Balloter
>          Angela Ortiz, Program Manager
>          Yvette Ho Sang, Manager IEEE Standards Publishing
>          John Barr, Negative Balloter
>          Naftali Chayat, Negative Balloter
>          Mike Geipel, Negative Balloter
>          Tal Kaitz, Negative Balloter
>          Marianna Goldhammer, Negative Balloter
>          Vladimir Yanover, Negative Balloter
>RE: NEW P802.16a/D7 (C/LM) Amendment to IEEE Standard for Local and
>Metropolitan Area Networks - Part 16: Air Interface for Fixed Broadband
>Wireless Access Systems - Medium Access Control Modifications and
>Additional Physical Layer Specifications for 2-11 GHz
>Dear Roger:
>I am pleased to inform you that P802.16a was approved as a new amendment to
>standard 802.16-2001 by the IEEE-SA Standards Board on 29 January 2003.  A
>copy of the document will be forwarded to the Standards Publications
>Department.  The editor assigned to work on the project will contact you.
>All IEEE standards shall be updated within five years of the date of
>publication.  If the standard is not revised, reaffirmed, or withdrawn
>within five years, the Sponsor will be notified that it will be submitted
>to the Standards Board for administrative withdrawal.
>It should be noted that any negative balloters have the right to appeal.
>Please consult the following web pages for information on this principle:
>Please contact me if you have any questions prior to speaking with your
>David L. Ringle
>RevCom Administrator
>IEEE Standards Activities Dept.
>445 Hoes Lane                                         PH: +1 732 562 3806
>PO Box 1331                                             FX: +1 732 562 1571
>Piscataway, NJ  08855-1331