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[STDS-802-16] +++IEEE 802.16 Letter Ballot #27 (on ITU-R Liaison Statement) is now open+++

[Repeat of message sent about 4.5 hours ago.]

To:  IEEE 802.16 Reflector
bcc: IEEE 802.16 Working Group Members < 

This message announces IEEE 802.16 Working Group Letter Ballot #27.

IEEE 802.16 Working Group Letter Ballot #27 is now open, through 21  
June 2007 UTC.

The ballot is on the question:

*"To approve the liaison statement L802.16-07/038d8."

The ballot web page, with detailed information, is at:

The ballot submission form is:

Results will be posted, as they are received, at:

Note that "Membership shall be lost if two consecutive, or two of any  
three consecutive, Working Group letter ballots for which the member  
was eligible are not returned or are returned with an abstention  
other than for 'lack of technical expertise'."


Roger B. Marks  <>
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access