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[STDS-802-16] [802.16n][DC] 802.16n DC RG Work Plan

Dear 802.16n participants,


802.16n Direct Communication (abbreviated as DC) RG was formed to harmonize AWD text proposals related to Direct Communication. See <IEEE 802.16n-11/002> for more information. Work Plan of DC RG (IEEE C80216n-11_0061) has been uploaded to the 16n upload directory <>. The contents are summarized as the followings:

- Topics for DC RG

- Contributions list related to DC RG

- RG upload directory (It is not available now. RG co-chairs will announce again. Note: RG upload directory may be shared between DC and MM RGs)

- Work plan for DC RG

- Draft RG schedule

- Tags for D-mail Discussion

Note: The submission deadline of new or revised AWD text proposals is 01 April 2011, 12 noon AOE if authors submit them to DC RG. Otherwise the AWD text proposals in the 16n original contributions related to DC RG will be added to DC RG consolidated document automatically.


In addition, “CorrectingAWDtextProposlsforDCRG.doc” file has been uploaded to temp upload directory <>. The document collects AWD text proposals from contributions classified into DC RG. It’s just informative to be helpful for authors to understand status of current AWD text proposals section by section. To remove confusion, DC RG co-chairs emphasize that this document is not a DC RG document again.

Note: the first DC RG document will be released after the submission deadline of new or revised AWD text proposals.


Best regards,

Sungcheol Chang and Ming-Tuo Zhou, DC RG co-chairs.