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[STDS-802-16] IEEE P802.16s: draft PAR and CSD

EC Colleagues,

I am hereby submitting a draft P802.16s PAR and CSD for consideration at the March 802 Plenary. There are in the following documents:
    PAR: IEEE 802.16-16-0012-01
    CSD: IEEE 802.16-16-0013-01

The proposed project is an amendment to IEEE Std 802.16 on "Fixed and Mobile Wireless Access in Channel Sizes up to 1.25 MHz." The goal is to specify a version of the WirelessMAN-OFDMA in narrow, exclusively-licensed spectrum channels. The 802.16 WG’s GRIDMAN Task Group, chaired by Tim Godfrey, has led the development and refinement of this PAR, which addresses the interests of a number of stakeholders, including critical industrial utilities, many of which were represented in the Task Group.

These versions of the PAR and CSD are revised with respect to the versions considered by the EC at the November Plenary. Efforts were made to address comments and concerns that were not sufficiently resolved during that week.

The background for this work was explored in the 802.16 narrowband tutorial of 19 January at the Atlanta session. I appreciate the participation of approximately 50 people who attended. For more information, please see the slides from that event.

This project would amend IEEE Std 802.16, but IEEE Std 802.16-2012 already has three published amendments. IEEE-SA SB Ops Manual (8.1.2) specifies that “Up to three amendments can be approved before the standard shall be revised, unless the base standard has been approved within the past three years.”  Therefore, a maintenance project to revise the base standard is due. I suspect that a maintenance PAR will be placed on the EC closing meeting agenda under the 48 hour rule.