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This page is being developed to provide information and communications regarding the IEEE 802.16 IMT-Advanced proposal. Information on IMT-Advanced is available at the ITU-R's IMT-Advanced submission and evaluation process page.
17 May 2010
Second IEEE 802.16 IMT-Advanced Evaluation Group Coordination Meeting
Beijing, China

13 January 2010
First IEEE 802.16 IMT-Advanced Evaluation Group Coordination Meeting
La Jolla, San Diego, CA, USA

23 October 2009
Acknowledgement of Candidate Submission from IEEE under Step 3 of the IMT-Advanced Process (IEEE Technology)
On 23 October 2009, ITU-R Working Party 5D issued Document IMT-ADV/4 acknowledging IEEE's contribution ITU-R 5D/542. This document, which includes the content of ITU-R 5D/542, provided WP 5D views on the contribution and states that:

Working Party 5D acknowledges the receipt of the candidate technology submission referenced above from IEEE. WP 5D has reviewed this candidate submission under the IMT-Advanced process and has determined that the submission is "complete" per Section 4 of Report ITU-R M.2133.

14-21 October 2009
ITU-R Working Party 5D Meeting #6, Dresden, Germany

15 October 2009
3rd Workshop on IMT-Advanced
ITU-R's 3rd Workshop on IMT-Advanced included a presentation on the IEEE 802.16 Candidate Proposal for IMT-Advanced.

3 October 2009
IEEE 802.16 IMT-Advanced Candidate Proposal
On 3 October 2009, the IEEE submitted to ITU-R Working Party 5D a "Candidate IMT-Advanced RIT based on IEEE 802.16". The proposal became the contribution ITU-R 5D/542 (see L802.16-09/010Xr5). The proposal had been developed in the IEEE 802.16 Working Group, which approved it, on 24 September, during a Joint Plenary with the IEEE 802.18 TAG.

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Early Activity
IMT-Advanced Workshop Participation
IEEE participants have notified ITU-R WP 5D members of 802.16m progress toward IMT-Advanced by participation in three Workshops:

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