802.16 Issues for Friday 802 SEC Meeting

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Documentation for 802.16 Chair's Issues at 802 LMSC SEC Meeting of Friday 14 March 2003
Agenda Item
Agenda Type
SEC Result ("Yes/No/Abstain")
5.08 ME* 1802.16.3 to NesCom Approved via consent agenda
5.09 ME* 802.16.2a/D5 to RevCom (conditional approval) Approved via consent agenda
5.10 ME* 1802.16.1/D3 to RevCom (conditional approval) Approved via consent agenda
5.17 MI Creation of Executive Committee Study Group on 802 Handoff Approved by unanimous vote
David Johnston named Chair
5.35 ME Letter to ISTO regarding Broadband Wireless Internet Forum Approved by unanimous vote
* = consent agenda

ME=Motion External; MI=Motion Internal; DT=Discussion Topic; II=Information Item
Roger Marks (r.b.marks@ieee.org)
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access Standards