PARs for Approval at IEEE 802 LMSC EC Meeting of Friday 19 March 2004

IEEE 802 PARs For Approval
WG Topic
802.1 Connectivity Fault Management
802.3ap: Backplane Ethernet
802.3ap: 10G Ethernet serial optics for FDDI Grade Multimode Fiber
802.11 802.11p: Wireless Access for the Vehicular Environment
802.11 802.11r: Fast Roaming
802.11 802.11s: ESS Mesh Networking
802.11 802.11m: Maintenance [changing existing Amendment PAR to Revision PAR]
802.15 802.15.3b: MAC corrections and clarifications for 802.15.3 MAC
802.15 802.15.4a: alternate PHY for 802.15.4: improved ranging capability, improved link margin, and mobility
802.15 802.15.4b: 802.15.4 revision
802.15 802.15.5: Recommended Practice for WPAN mesh networking

Compiled by Roger Marks (
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access Standards