Acquiring and Retaining 802.16 Working Group Membership

General Principles

802.16 Working Group (WG) Membership belongs to a human being, not to an organization, and may not be transferred.

No membership fees are levied other than registration fees intended to offset meeting costs.

Acquiring Membership by Participation

Membership is granted at each 802.16 LMSC Plenary Session to the Potential Members who are registered and in attendance. At that time, full membership rights begin immediately.

Retention and Loss of Membership

Following each 802.16 LMSC Plenary Session, membership is retained only by those who have participated in at least two recent 802.16 Sessions, one of which was an 802.16 LMSC Plenary Session. Prior to a Plenary, the Working Group may post a list of Members in Peril who will lose Membership if they fail to participate.

Membership shall be lost if two consecutive, or two of any three consecutive, Working Group Letter Ballots for which the member was eligible are not returned or are returned with an abstention other than for "lack of technical expertise."

Explanation of underlined terms:

Membership at Chair's Discretion

Membership may be granted by the Chair to any individual, normally for significant contributions to the Working Group.

Disclosure of Affiliation

Per IEEE-SA affiliation disclosure requirements, disclosure of affiliation is required at each WG session. "Affiliation" is defined according to the IEEE-SA affiliation disclosure requirements. Note in particular:
11. What if I refuse to disclose my affiliation?
As outlined in IEEE-SA governance documents, you will lose certain rights. In a working group where voting rights are gained through attendance, no attendance credit will be granted if affiliation isn't declared. Similarly, voting rights are to be removed if affiliation isn't declared.

Acquiring and Retaining 802.16 Observer Status

Individuals having participated in a recent 802.16 session are entered on the Potential Observer List and are then eligible to become 802.16 Observers upon request. Potential Observsers who wish to request Observer status should use the form.

At the end of each 802.16 LMSC Plenary Session, Observer status is lost by those who have not participated in a recent 802.16 Session.

Update: 2008-04-08

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