IEEE 802.16 Task Group m (TGm): Core Documents - History

IEEE 802.16m Work Plan
IEEE 802.16m System Requirements Document (SRD)
IEEE 802.16m System Description Document (SDD)
IEEE 802.16m Evaluation Methodology Document (EMD)
IEEE 802.16m Amendment Working Document (AWD)
IEEE 802.16m Draft Standard
System Evaluation Details for IEEE 802.16 IMT-Advanced Proposal (SED)
Candidate IMT-Advanced RIT based on IEEE 802.16 (IEEE Contribution to ITU-R Working Party 5D)
Style Guide for 802.16m Amendment Contributions
2008-09-18: IEEE 802.16m-08/043

IEEE 802.16m Internal Documents Configuration Control Procedure (CCP)
2009-01-15: IEEE 802.16m-09/0008

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