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[802.19] Task Group 3 CRC July 1 2020 meeting minutes

Wed, July 1, 2020

Called to order at 15:05 PDT


CRC Roll Call

June 10, 2020

Benjamin Rolfe


Jianlin Guo


Kazuto Yano


Takenori Sumi


Shoichi Kitazawa


Joerg Robert




Other: None.

Quorum is met [4/6].

Meeting preamble: IEEE-SA Policy slides

IEEE Patent, copyright and conduct slides presented (see 802.19-20/0016r06 "Meeting Preamble").

An opportunity for disclosures is provided by the chair: No disclosures heard.


Proposed Agenda:

1.      Meeting preamble

2.      Ballot report

3.      Comment review and resolution

4.      July virtual plenary planning / Next steps

5.      Any other business

Following neither discussion nor objection, agenda is approved by unanimous consent.

Ballot Report

·        Vote stats:

o   Approve: 30

o   Disapprove: 2

o   Abstain: 3

o   Approval Rate: 93.75%

·        Result: Ballot Passed

·        Comments: 65 comments were received

o   General: 26

o   Technical: 9

o   Editorial: 30

o   Technical MBS: 9

Comment XLS: 802.19-20/0027r0

Comment Review and Resolution

Editorial: Reviewed editorial comments and agreed to pass to TE to resolve.

General and Technical: Reviewed all, resolutions recored for all but 2:

·        58 : Assigned to Ben, to review each reference and verify it is properly cited or identify for moving to Bibliography.

·        60 : Assigned to Ben, revise definition to include improved resilience as a goal. Projected to be completed by next call

Proposed comment resolutions uploaded as 802.19-20/0027r1.

July Virtual Plenary, Next Steps

Timeline for Draft 5: Prior to July 8th CRC call:

·        Proposed resolutions to comment 56 and 60 to be circulated via email

·        TE to review editorials and apply and/or identify items for discussion

On July 8th CRC call:

·        Review and approve comment resolutions

·        Approve recirculation of Draft 5

Virtual plenary objectives:

·        Renew CRC (July WG)

·        WG motion to start SA ballot (July WG)

·        EC Approval to start SA ballot (July EC)




Having reached the end of the agenda, and hearing no objections, the meeting is adjourned at 16:14 PDT.



Benjamin A. Rolfe
408-332-0725 Mobile
408-395-7207 Office

Blind Creek Associates


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