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[802.19] July 8th 2020 19.3 CRC teleconference minutes

Wed, Jul 08, 2020

19.3 CRC Call

Called to order at 07:04 PDT


CRC Roll Call June 10, 2020
Benjamin Rolfe Yes
Jianlin Guo Yes
Kazuto Yano Yes
Takenori Sumi Yes
Shoichi Kitazawa Yes
Joerg Robert Yes
Quorum Yes

Other: Yuki Nagai

Quorum is met [6/6].

Meeting preamble: IEEE-SA Policy slides

IEEE Patent, copyright and conduct slides presented (see 802.19-20/0016r07 "Meeting Preamble").

An opportunity for disclosures is provided by the chair: No disclosures heard.


Proposed Agenda:

  1. Meeting preamble (the usual slides)
  2. Editor’s Report
  3. Comment Resolution
  4. July Virtual Plenary planning
  5. Any other business

Following neither discussion nor objection, agenda is approved by unanimous consent.

Comment Resolution

Editor report: TE presents status and comments that need discussion from Comment XLS: 802.19-20/0027r3

Document 802.19-20/0016r1 is presented and discussed:
Following discussion, rev 2 is uploaded with suggested changes and approved by the group:

The comment XLS is revised to include all comment resolutions and uploaded as 802.19-20/0027r4.

CRC Motions

Approve Comment Resolutions:

Move that the comment resolutions contained in document 19-20-0027-04 be approved and direct the Technical Editor to apply resolutions to produce P802-19.3-D05.

Initiate recirculation:

Move that 802.19 WG start a WG Electronic Ballot recirculating Draft P802-19.3-D05 to approve to forward document P802-19.3-D05 to Standards Association Ballot.

July Virtual Plenary (Next Steps)

Timeline for Draft 5:

Virtual plenary objectives:




Having reached the end of the agenda, and hearing no objections, the meeting is adjourned at 08:09 PDT.


Note:  compendium of all CRC teleconference minutes is available here:


Benjamin A. Rolfe
408-332-0725 Mobile
408-395-7207 Office

Blind Creek Associates


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