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Re: [10GMMF] Take care with commenting tool

Brad has very efficiently provided me with a revised zip file that appears, on a very cursory test, to fix the problem.  See updated

Thanks Brad!


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> From: owner-stds-802-3-10gmmf@IEEE.ORG
> [mailto:owner-stds-802-3-10gmmf@IEEE.ORG]On Behalf Of Piers Dawe
> Sent: 22 April 2005 16:11
> Subject: [10GMMF] Take care with commenting tool
> Fellow commenters,
> When I was checking out the revised commenting tool (since 
> March - see 
> ), I found something you might like to be warned against.
> When I pressed "Generate comment file", it appeared to work 
> but no csv file appeared.  After a search, I found the file 
> in ../../../../10GBASE-T/TOOLS/ .
> ../../../../10GBASE-T was an old directory so maybe I had 
> moved the software from where it was unzipped to; TOOLS seems 
> to be something the software created.
> Morals:
> (1) make backups!  Use the "File/save a copy as" from the 
> pulldown menu,
> (2) search hard if the csv file appears not to have been produced.
> Piers