IEEE 802.3 Working Group e-mail reflector policy

IEEE 802.3 reflectors shall only be used for official business relating to IEEE 802.3 and its sub-groups. Technical discussions and questions, comments on presentations and documents, and meeting announcements are examples of acceptable use of a reflector. Communications are expected to be respectful, dignified, and germane.

IEEE 802.3 reflectors are not 'free speech' forums. Subscriptions are granted to further the purposes of IEEE 802.3 and may be revoked for inappropriate communications. These include, but are not limited to, recruiting, advertising, soliciting, spamming, flaming, whining, whinging and disparaging individuals or companies.

IEEE 802.3 operates in an open manner. To that end, no material submitted to IEEE 802.3, or any of its sub-groups, will be accepted or considered if it contains any statement that places any burden on the recipient(s) with respect to confidentiality or copyright. Any communication, including electronic mail, containing language with such restrictive wording will not be accepted or considered.

Note - this policy regarding confidentiality and copyrights does not apply to IEEE copyrighted materials, such as draft standards.

In addition, IEEE 802.3 reflectors operate under the IEEE Email Terms and Conditions.

The Chair of the group to which a reflector is dedicated shall enforce these policies.

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Last Update: 04 Feb 17

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