IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee

IEEE 802 Policies and Procedures Development

This page contains drafts of the 802 policies and procedures and operating manual and documents related to their development.

November 2023 plenary (hybrid)

July 2023 plenary (hybrid)

March 2023 plenary (hybrid)

November 2022 plenary (hybrid)

July 2022 plenary (hybrid)

March 2022 plenary (electronic)

December 2021 interim conference call

Via email ballot, 3 December 2021

November 2021 plenary (electronic)

Between July 2021 and November 2021 plenaries (electronic)

All historical revisions for the IEEE 802 LMSC Working Group Policies & Procedures, from Revision 0 to Revision 21 are posted to mentor.

Note that version numbering is not continuous. In particular versions 04 through 09 do not exist. Versions 00 through 03 used dates instead of version numbers. To match the version numbering for mentor, a single page explaining this was put in place ov version 04 through 09.

July 2021 plenary (electronic)

Between March 2021 and July 2021

March 2021 plenary (electronic>

No rules discussion, motions or actions were, thankfully, done during this plenary.

The proposed IEEE 802 LMSC Policies & Procedures, revision 5, had been accepted by the IEEE Standards Association Standards Board.

January 2021 IEEE 802 LMWC conference call

November 2020 plenary (electronic)

July 2020 plenary (electronic)

March 2020 through July 2020 plenary

November 2019 documents

July 2019 documents

March 2019 documents

November 2018 documents

July 2018 documents

March 2018 documents

November 2016 documents

July 2016 documents

March 2016 documents

November 2015 documents

July 2015 documents

March 2015 documents

November 2014 documents

November 2012 documents

July 2012 documents

July 2010 documents

November 2009 documents

EC ballot documents, comments due before November plenary, 13 November, 2009

July 2009 documents (creation of uniform WG P&P)

Drafts approved by 802 EC (Approved PNP is found here)

November 2008 documents

August 2008 documents

May 2008 documents

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Last Update: November 17, 2023

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