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RE: 802.16 Meeting #0: May 10-12 in Boulder


I'm concerned about this course of action.  I don't think you can make the
first meeting not be the first meeting by declaration.  It is also different
from the way I'm aware of us handling it in the past.  When we formed
802.12, the initial meeting was at an interim.  One did acquire voting
rights by attending that meeting.  We did have some votes at that meeting.  

Because we value attendence at plenaries and want someone to be able to be a
full participant even if they can only attend our 3 plenaries per year, I
also granted voting rights to those who attended the second meeting of
802.12 which was it's first meeting during a plenary.  The rules do give a
chair some latitude in extending voting ( "Membership may be declared
at the discretion of the Working Group Chair (for contributors by
correspondence or other significant contributions to the Working Group).")
so this can be done.

If you really don't want the interim to be the first working group meeting,
there is one approach that occurs to me.  Some of our working groups have
interim task force meetings without have an interim meeting of the working
group.  To the best of my recollection, only one interim Working Group
meeting has occurred for 802.3 in the past 14 years.  You could have interim
meetings for your two task groups co-located.  Then the plenary would be
your first Working Group meeting.  Interim work by task groups is always
subject to review and affirmation by the Working Group.  The first two of
your three topics certainly fit in that structure and the task forces could
have a joint session to discuss a rules framework.  (You stated the third
item as "To agree on a framework for Working Group rules." but I don't see
how you can reach agreement without voting especially when the parties to
the agreement have not yet been identified.)  At interim meetings of 802.12,
when the task forces met together, we considered it a "task force of the
whole" (like the parlimentary procedure concept of a committee of the
whole).  Any decisions made in such a context were subject to confirmation
at the next working group meeting.


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From: Roger B. Marks []
Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 1999 11:16 AM
Subject: 802.16 Meeting #0: May 10-12 in Boulder

According to 802 rules
<>, "All persons
participating in the initial meeting of the Working Group become voting
members of the Working Group." In the interpretation of this rule, the
initial meeting of 802.16 shall be Meeting #1, which takes place July 6-8 as
part of the July 5-9 IEEE 802 Plenary Meeting in Montreal
<>. The May 10-12 meeting has been
designated Meeting #0 to recognize that it is not an official voting
meeting; all votes taken at this meeting will need to be affirmed at Meeting