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RE: SC6 N 11235 (Proposed Procedures for ISO/IEC SC6 and IEEE 802 Co-operative working)

Dave -

As per discussion at the 802 SEC last week, I propose the following as IEEE
802's proposed text for US NB comment on  SC6 N 11235:

<<The text of SC6N 11235, entitled "Proposed Procedures for ISO/IEC SC6 and
IEEE 802 Co-operative working", was reviewed at the IEEE 802 meeting, and
was supported with the following minor amendments:

1.  In Note 5, the document mentions that "NBs have the opportunity to Fast
Track any IEEE 802 Standard using the normal ISO/IEC procedures, for
example, consolidated IEEE 802 Standards."  This note should be amended to
indicate that Fast Track of any IEEE 802 Standards can occur only with
prior approval by the Executive Committee of IEEE 802, and with prior
agreement from the IEEE with regard to copyright release.

2.  In Note 6, the document suggests that IEEE 802 "needs to be encouraged
to inform SC6 of the outcome of the 5 yearly review of Standards...".  This
Note should become a stated part of the procedure; namely that it is IEEE
802's responsibility to inform SC6 when standards that are the subject of
this liaison activity are re-affirmed or withdrawn.>>