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Paul, Bill & Jim:  Although I support the intent of this rules change I find I must vote NO on the current draft because I think it is exceedingly confusing for the reader.  May I suggest that you consider simplifying things to deal with 3 issues:  "procedural", "draft standard", and "technical" and provide a clear description for each.  May I further suggest that you refrain from using the terms "confirmation ballot" and "recirculation ballot" unless you provide concise definitions of these terms or unambiguous references to such definitions.  
Thanx,  Buzz
Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
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> From: 	Paul Nikolich[]
> Sent: 	Tuesday, November 02, 1999 9:35 AM
> To: 	IEEE802
> To All,
> November 1 has passed and I have only seen votes/comments from Grow, Hayes,
> Love and Marks.  Perhaps you have sent your response to Jim Carlo--if so,
> please forward a copy to Bill L. and myself.  
> Everybody else on the SEC: PLEASE VOTE!
> Also, please remember Bill L. and I will hold a meeting Sunday evening
> 8-10PM, 11/7, to review the responses.
> Thanks,
> --Paul Nikolich
> The following rule change was approved for LMSC ballot at the July Plenary
> meeting. There has been some confusion on how to conduct this "paper ballot"
> since it is being done via the WEB:
> 1) Please submit your rule change ballot comments to me at I
> would like to receive these ballot comments by 1November.
> 2) Buzz, please distribute this rule change ballot to the IEEE 802 reflector
> for comments.
> 3) I will assume that Bill Lidinsky and Paul Nikolich will handle
> consolidating the comments and hold an ad-hoc ballot resolution meeting at
> the November Plenary meeting. Jim Carlo
> At the SEC meeting in Montreal on Thursday 8July 1999 the SEC approved
> submitting this IEEE 802 Operating Rules change to ballot.
> The proposed Rules Change deals with changes to the process for voting
> procedures for a Working Group on technical issues, procedural issues and
> drafts between Plenary meetings.  The changes involve the following
> sections:
> Chair's Function
> Voting on Technical Issues
> Attached is a pdf file showing the relevant clauses of the latest P802
> Operating Rules (November 1998) with the changes indicated.  Strikethrough
> text is deleted.  Underlined text is added.  All other text is as it exists in the 
> curent rules document. This text was presented and discussed at a P802 
> Operating Rules meeting on Sunday night, 4 July 1999 in Montreal.  
> This proposed rule change epresents the output of this meeting.
> The 802 rules URL is ""
> Jim Carlo( Cellular:1-214-693-1776 Voice&Fax:1-214-853-5274
> TI Fellow, Networking Standards at Texas Instruments
> Chair, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 Telecom and Info Exchange Between Systems
> Chair, IEEE802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee
> Attachment Converted: "c:\MyDocuments\Documents\Email_temp_storage\PropRuleChange.PDF"