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RE: Fast Track to JTC1

Jim / Tony

>Please be ready to have a list of current Fast Track documents that are
>moving through the JTC1 process. I would like this information as part of
>our discussion on Monday morning.

According my records the status of Fast Tracked 802 work is,

1. ISO/IEC 8802-3/FDAM1 - IEEE 802.3ac (Frame Extensions for VLAN Tagging)

   6N11157 - FT ballot text submitted by UK (closed 25 August)
   6N11366 - Summary of Voting (A23,D0,A3); (null)DoCR required

2. ISO/IEC 8802-3/FDAM2 - IEEE 802.3ab (1000BASE-T)

   6N11348 - FT ballot text submitted by UK (closing 16 March)

3. ISO/IEC 8802-11/FDAM1 - IEEE 802.11a (High Speed Physical Layer in
                                         the 5GHz Band)

   Submitted by UK to the ITTF 2 November 1999

4. ISO/IEC 8802-11/xxxx - IEEE 802.11b

   Request from 802 PE for UK to submit this document as FT - awaiting
   document from Vic Hayes

Don't believe I've missed anything...