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Re: +++ SEC Rules Change Ballot

Yesterday I suggested changing the first sentence of:

'There is a requirement for the recirculation ballot process.  For 
guidance on this process see Section Resolution of comments, 
objections, and negative votes in the IEEE Standards Operating 


'After comment resolution, a recirculation ballot is required.'

Bob Grow pointed out to me that a recirculation ballot is not always 
required. He suggested an alternative text that I basically agree 
with. However, I looked at the IEEE reference and noticed two things:

(1) The section of the 802 Rules is dealing with Working Group letter 
ballots, while the cited IEEE rules deal with Sponsor Ballot. I think 
what our rules are trying to say is that the letter ballot recirc 
should follow the principles of the IEEE rules. {Formally, they 
aren't quite applicable; for instance, they talk about obligation of 
"the Sponsor".}

(2) The name of the IEEE manual isn't cited correctly in our rules.

So, I now propose this version:

'Recirculation ballots are to be handled in accordance with the 
principles of Section ("Resolution of comments, objections, 
and negative votes") of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations