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Re: Move 802.5 to Hibernation Status

Karl and the SEC, my apologies.  Another vote that slipped through the crack.  Let this serve to advice that it is tough to run a ballot while transitioning companies unless the email is uncoulpled from the company!
Please note the addition of Karl Reinke to the supporters of the motion to hibernate 802.5.  He is one of our voting members.
Best regards.
Robert D. Love
Chair, IEEE 802.5
President, LAN Connect Consultants
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To: RDLove
Sent: Monday, June 05, 2000 11:54 AM
Subject: Re: Move 802.5 to Hibernation Status

I did vote. I voted to Hibernate.

At 12:48 PM 06/02/2000 -0400, you wrote:
All, attached is the original motion sent to the IEEE 802.5 reflector on May 3rd requesting that the SEC move the Token Ring Working Group to a hibernation status prior to the start of the July plenary meeting. I received 7 replies to this motion, all APPROVE, from
Sharam Hakimi
Mick Hanrahan
Simon Harrison
Neil Jarvis
Robert Love
John Messenger
Scott Valcourt

John Messenger, Andy Simon, and Karl Reinke, please double check my list. Pleae let me know if I missed one or two replies as I was transitioning my email upon my retirement. John, please follow up with a note to the SEC indicating which respondents have active voting rights on 802.5 and which do not.

Jim Carlo, please initiate an email ballot to the SEC requesting it to approve moving the 802.5 Working Group to a hibernation status.

Best regards.

Robert D. Love
Chair of IEEE 802.5 and
President, LAN Connect Consultants
email: <>

------------------Note to 802.5 reflector requesting that the working group move to a hibernation state.

All, per the attached note I hereby open the ballot to request that the SEC
move the IEEE 802.5 Working group to a hibernation status preceding the
July IEEE 802 plenary meeting.

I am interested in getting responses from voters and non-voters alike and
will forward the ballot results to the SEC indicating the voting results by
voters and separately by non-voters.

If you would like to add a comment along with your vote you may do so.

Again, per the attached note, the voting will close on May 19th.

Here is the motion:

Request the SEC place the 802.5 Working Group in Hibernation prior to the
July 2000 plenary meeting.

Select one of the three options.

(Comments optional)

Name of person voting
Please send your vote to the 802.5 reflector at:
<>, and copy <>

Best regards

Robert D. Love
Chair IEEE 802.5
Email: <>


Karl Reinke
Senior Staff Engineer
Nortel Networks
Enterprise Product Divison, Bay Networks
Tel 408-495-1635 (ESN 265)
Fax 408-495-1905 (ESN 265)