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Re: Rules Change Ballot; Addition of Scope Statement

I vogte Approve, Geoff's concern about the term "Promote" notwithstanding.  I believe that the SEC can interpret "Promote" with appropriate spin, which would imply encouraging the use of standards, as opposed to some sort of hard sell.  In the context that I would use the word, I believe that it is an appropriate, and already accepted function of the IEEE LMSC.
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Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 10:34 PM
Subject: Rules Change Ballot; Addition of Scope Statement

Dear SEC,

This is a reminder to those who haven't cast their ballot to do so. The ballot closes October 6. (Remember, the lack of a vote will count as a disapprove. So far I have responses from Carlo, Rigsbee, Jeffree and Thompson.)

--Paul Nikolich

Dear SEC,

At the July 2000 plenary the 802 Sponsor Executive Committee (SEC) agreed to initiate a rules change ballot to add a scope statement to our operating rules.

The scope statement:
"The scope of IEEE LMSC is to develop, maintain, enable and promote, on a global basis, accredited networking standards and recommended practices"
would be added as a separate paragraph to the end of section 1 Overview.

The official SEC ballot period will open on August 8, 2000 5pm EDT and close on October 6, 2000 5pm EDT.

As a member of IEEE Project 802 you are encouraged to carefully review the proposed rule changes and ask questions of, or forward any comments to me or any other representative on the LMSC SEC well before the closure of the SEC ballot. SEC members will carefully consider your comments and suggestions as part of the balloting process.

Paul Nikolich
IEEE Project 802 LMSC Vice Chair