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Re: FW: PatCom Report

Jim -

Not at all clear what the first line of the proposed Letter of Assurance - 
"We hereby agree that (company) will provide licenses under our (country) 
patents and/or patent applications which meet the following description ( 
optional company text ) with respect to the proposed IEEE Pnnn standard and 
subsequent revisions thereof." intends. In particular, what does the which 
in "which meet the following description ( optional company text )...." 
refer to, and what is an example of what might go between the 
braces?  Seems like there is something missing from this sentence.


At 23:55 17/10/00 -0500, Jim Carlo wrote:
>Note proposed pro-forma patent letter attached. I would prefer that you
>don't send this to reflector until it is edited and approved by IEEE , so we
>don't have multiple patent leters in the offing (it will get too confusing).
>However, please seek your own legal council and I would appreciate any
>comments on these letters that I will collect and send to Jerry Peterson,
>PatCom chair, for review at the Dec Standards Board Meeting
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