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Re: SEC reflector membership

Okay, here's a the membership policy as I understand it and implement it:

  A) It is a "closed" reflector, which means that I have to send an email
     to approve any subscription requests.
  B) I do not add or delete or change any email addresses without receiving
     a subscribe or unsubscribe request or a continuous stream of bounce
     messages.  The reason I don't automatically subscribe people is that
     I can't always know what email address they want to have subscribed.
  C) If some yahoo asks for a subscription, I point them to the archive.
     Otherwise, I am very liberal about approving subscription requests.
     We have IEEE staff, vice chairs, retired SEC members, 802 staff, and
     a "interested parties" on the reflector now.

Since you are all members of the list, you can do a "who" and see for yourself
that this whole subject is a giant NON ISSUE.  There are only 30 people on
this thing (including Mike, who just joined). No one in their right mind
wants to be a member of this reflector unless they have to be in order to do
their jobs on the SEC.  Hmmm.  Maybe that statement could be written a little
broader, as in "No one in their right mind wants to be a member of this reflector."