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RE: SEC reflector membership

What about non-voting emeritus members like working group chairs from
working groups
that have withdrawn their standards?  802.12 is up for administrative
withdrawal in December
and, since the products aren't being produced, the right thing to do is to
let it happen. Are you
guys going to kick me off the reflector?
PS. to Howard, Did Jim ask you to put the withdrawal of 802.12 on the
agenda? I think
he wanted the Exec to approve that course of action. PAT
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From: Geoff Thompson []
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2000 5:05 PM
To: Paul Nikolich
Subject: Re: SEC reflector membership


At 09:24 AM 10/25/00 -0400, Paul Nikolich wrote:

Let's answer these questions (my initial thoughts are below the questions):

1) Who shall be permanent member of the SEC reflector?
        - all formal SEC members (whether voting or not)

Please add to this:
        - Working Group Vice Chairs

        - IEEE staff supporting 802 standards development
        - 802 plenary meeting coordinators/staff

2) Who can be a temporary member of SEC reflector (on a meeting-to-meeting
basis) as determined by the 802 chair or SEC?
        - any other party that might help conduct SEC/802 business (e.g. Don
from Microsoft who is helping set up networking service for the Nov meeting)

I would say that:
        1) Generally we don't do it.
        2) It is easy to do and there is wide latitude for members of the
SEC to be able to do it.

3) Who can monitor SEC mail via the archive
        - anyone who is interested

4) Who can post to the SEC Reflector
        - anyone who is a member of the reflector
   Who can not post to the reflector
        - anyone who is not a member of the reflector


p.s. clearly Mike Takefman should be on the reflector--Howard, can you add
him ( immediately?