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RE: URGENT - We Need an Instantaneous Response. (That means DO IT NOW !!!)

Regarding dates,

This is in the middle of the WG ballot resolution process. Dates are very
important to 802.3ae.

Preferred: week of May 21.
2nd choice: Could make week of 14th work.
Distant 3rd choice: Week of May 28th / Memorial day. There is probably no
room for serial meetings here; all would be in parallel.
Not a choice: week of May 7 or June 4


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Subject: Re: URGENT - We Need an Instantaneous Response. (That means DO
IT NOW !!!)


I believe that the EFM study group will need 2.5 days for 150 people,
all together in one room, at a May, 2001 interim meeting in Sacramento.

Are the dates finalized?  I for one would prefer to not clobber the
Memorial Day holiday with a standards meeting, and I believe that many
other members of the EFM SG would express the same opinion.  I would much
prefer the preceeding week, commencing on may 21st. If that is unavailable,
I would prefer the week of may 7th.


"Kesling, Dawson W" wrote:
> Buzz,
> We (Intel) are working with the hotels to see if we can accommodate the
> additional 130 people. It would help to know the number of days and people
> for dot 1 and dot 17 separately. We also need to know if we can choose the
> days of the week for these groups to balance room requirments throught the
> week. (We are working on the week of May 28 - June 1.)
> -Dawson
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> ...
> *       An email from Dawson Kesling of Intel, the Sacramento Host,
> indicating that they are willing and able to accommodate the additional
> people from the 802.1 and 802.17 WGs, and will adjust their room block,
> function space, and food & beverage arrangements accordingly.
> ...
> Thanx,  Buzz
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