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Re: [802SEC] +++ SEC Motion to Forward P802.16.2/D3-2001 to RevCom (June-2001)

I'll second this motion, Paul Nikolich

At 01:19 PM 5/21/01 -0500, Jim Carlo wrote:
>Issue Date: 8May2001 Closing Date: 1Jun2001
>Moved By: Roger Marks  Seconded By:
>Move: Approve Forwarding to RevCom: P802.16.2/D3-2001 ("Recommended Practice
>for Coexistence of Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems")
>1) Sponsor Ballot of the draft was completed on 16 May 2001 following two
>recirculations. The final voting results were:
>Group Size       30
>Approve          25
>Disapprove        0
>Abstain	      4
>Not Voting        1
>Approval Ratio  100%
>Return Ratio     96%
>Abstain Ratio    13%
>No Disapprove votes were received at any stage of Sponsor Ballot. The only
>change from the initial to the final results was a single individual moving
>from the "Not Voting" category to the "Approve" category.
>The recirculations were carried out in order to consider substantive changes
>made as a result of comments received. In the final recirculation round, we
>received no comments of any kind and no
>changes of vote.
>With Jim Carlo approval, I have already submitted an application to RevCom,
>and the issue has been placed on RevCom's 13 June 2001 agenda. RevCom was
>given the identical draft that was subject to the final recirculation. The
>complete RevCom application is at:
>	<>
>Today, in the Closing Plenary of its interim session, IEEE 802.16 adopted a
>motion "to submit P802.16.2/D3-2001 to 802 SEC for approval of submission to
>RevCom." The motion carried 19-0-1.
>I'd like to thank Howard Frazier for his help and advice in guiding me
>through the process for the first time.