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[802SEC] March 2001 revision of 802 Operating Rules now on the 802 web site


Over the weekend I added the changes that were made to the 802 Operating
Rules at the March 2001 Plenary and Bob O'Hara has placed it on the 802 web
site as of today.

Please replace any old versions of the rules you may have with this latest


--Paul Nikolich

p.s. just in case you forgot, the changes were as follows:

- The first rules change broadens the rules to permit the use of
802 funds to support the publication and dissemination of 802 standards.

- The second rules change resolves ambiguity in 5.1.3 with respect
to the definition and use of the terms 'members' (have achieved voting
status) and 'observers' (individuals who are registered attendees at a
plenary meeting that are NOT members).