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Re: [802SEC] +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT +++ Release of 802 funds for Get802 program (closes Apr 16 2002)

I vote Disapprove, because I believe that:

(1) 802 has nothing to gain by contributing these funds.
(2) 802 has no obligation to contribute these funds.

In explanation of (2): the motion passed by the SEC in March 2001 
said we would "Launch a 3 year pilot program" that would be "reviewed 
yearly for viability". At the time, I asked whether this is a 
three-year program or a one-year program. According to the minutes, 
the SEC Chair said "Intent is to have a yearly review to make 
adjustments if necessary, and to keep program in place for 3 years."

If the program terminates after one year (on 15 May), the picture 
will change. We already contributed two sessions worth of escrowed 
funds to start up the program. We also agreed to pay at the rate of 
three sessions worth of payments per year. We have already made those 
three additional payments (for March, July, and November 2001). Our 
commitment for a one-year program has been met. Given that the 
additional two sessions of escrowed funds were supposed to support a 
three-year program rather than a one-year program, our obligations 
have been more than met.

In March, we unanimously voted to withhold funds because the delay 
period was going to be changed from 6 months to 12 months. However, 
if the program is terminates in May, the delay will become infinity. 
This is not an improvement over the plan we heard about in March.

According to the BoG motion, "the newly formed 802 Task Force shall 
provide by 30 April 2002, a mutually agreed upon proposal for 
proceeding with the program, to the BOG for their consideration." I 
think we ought to table this motion until the end of the month so we 
review the proposal.


At 8:16 PM -0400 02/04/09, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>Dear SEC,
>We have a proposed motion with a mover and a seconder.  We have had
>discussion.  We have had votes.  BUT the chair has not put the question to a
>formal email vote....until NOW.
>This is an SEC email ballot on making a determination on the below SEC
>motion to release 802 funds for the Get802 program, moved by Bill
>Quackenbush, seconded by Bob Grow.
>The email ballot opens on Tuesday April 9 9PM EDT and closes Tuesday April
>16 9PM EDT.
>Motion: (Bill Quackenbush moves, Bob Grow seconds)
>Now that the IEEE-SA has reinstated the Get802 program according to
>the original agreement with IEEE 802, 802 funds for the Get802 program that
>were escrowed at the March SEC meetings are hereby released from escrow
>for payment to the IEEE-SA according to the terms of the Get 802 program
>Please direct your responses to the SEC reflector.  (Note: any votes you
>think you cast on this item prior to this email have not been official and
>you must re-vote)
>--Paul Nikolich
>Chair 802