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Re: [802SEC] +++IEEE 802 EC motion+++ motion to approve attached press release


At 02:31 20/01/2004, you wrote:
Dear EC members,

This is a 10 day SEC email ballot to make a determination by EC motion
to approve the attached Press Release.  Please note I have placed a modifier
on the closing time of the ballot  such that it may close no later than 10
days after the start of the email ballot or as soon 24 hours after every
member of the EC casts a definitive ballot (APP, DIS or ABS).  The reason
for the modifier is to allow the press release, if it is approved, to be
issued as quickly as possible.

The LMSC executive committee approval of the attached press release on the
approval of IEEE 802.16/Conformance02, IEEE 802.2 reaffirmation, IEEE 802.5
reaffirmation by the Standards Board. (with the word "municipal" to be
changed to "metropolitan")

Moved by :        Bob O'Hara
Seconded by:      Carl Stevenson (I will second the motion, and Bob is
right, the
correct word is "metropolitan", not "municipal", so my 2nd is conditioned on
correcting that foible
in the text.)

The email ballot opens on Monday January 19 10PM EST and closes the sooner
of  January 29 10PM EST or
24 hours after every member of the EC has cast a ballot, whichever comes

Please direct your responses to the EC reflector with a CC directly to me


- Paul Nikolich
Chairman, IEEE 802 LMSC

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Sent: Monday, January 19, 2004 11:15 AM
Subject: press release

> Hi Paul,
> As part of our overall PR program, after each IEEE-SA Standards Board
> meeting we develop brief news releases announcing project and standards
> approvals. We drafted the attached released for the approved 802
> Per the PR review protocol in place, I'm forwarding this to you since the
> release covers three 802 standards: the approval of IEEE 802.16 Conf.02
> the reaffirmation of IEEE 802.2 and IEEE 802.5.
> Please advise if you would like for us to continue with the release and if
> you would like for us to coordinate approval of the release by the EC.
> Thanks!
> Karen
> (See attached file: PR_802s.doc)
> Karen McCabe
> Senior Marketing Manager, IEEE Standards
> 445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331
> Piscataway NJ 08855 USA
> PH: +1 732 562 3824
> email:



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