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[802SEC] +++IEEE 802 EC motion+++ motion to approve attached press release: TENTATIVE BALLOT TALLY/REMINDER

Dear SEC members,

This ballot closes 10PM EST Thurdsay January 29, 2004.  Below is the tentative tally--if I have missed your vote, please resend it to me.
Everyone please remember to cast your ballot. 

 --Paul Nikolich

 Vote categories:         DIS    DNV    APP    ABS
 01 Geoff Thompson                       APP#
 02 Mat Sherman                          APP#
 03 Buzz Rigsbee                         APP#
 04 Bob O'Hara                           APP#
 05 Bill Quackenbush             DNV
 06 Tony Jeffree                         APP#
 07 Bob Grow                             APP#
 08 Stuart Kerry                         APP#
 09 Bob Heile                            APP#
 10 Roger Marks                          APP#
 11 Mike Takefman                        APP#
 12 Carl Stevenson                       APP#
 13 Jerry Upton                          APP#
                    total: -00-  -01-    -12-  -00-
The LMSC executive committee approval of the attached press release on the
approval of IEEE 802.16/Conformance02, IEEE 802.2 reaffirmation, IEEE 802.5
reaffirmation by the Standards Board.
NOTE: the editorial corrections requested by Roger and others shall be incorporated
(the word "municipal" must be changed to "metropolitan" plus a couple other small changes)

Moved by :        Bob O'Hara
Seconded by:      Carl Stevenson

The email ballot opened on Monday January 19 10PM EST and closes the sooner
of  January 29 10PM EST or 24 hours after every member of the EC has cast a ballot, whichever comes

Please direct your responses to the EC reflector with a CC directly to me (


- Paul Nikolich
Chairman, IEEE 802 LMSC