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Re: [802SEC] +++ 802 EC motion +++ IEEE 802.3ak Type 10GBASE-CX4 newsrelease



Stuart J. Kerry
Chair, IEEE 802.11 WLANs WG

Philips Semiconductors, Inc.
1109 McKay Drive, M/S 48A SJ,
San Jose, CA 95131-1706,
United States of America.

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Geoff Thompson <>

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02/11/2004 16:23

        To:        "Paul Nikolich" <>
        cc:        "IEEE802" <>
(bcc: Stuart Kerry/SVL/SC/PHILIPS)

        Subject:        Re: [802SEC] +++ 802 EC motion +++  IEEE 802.3ak Type  10GBASE-CX4 news release



At 02:36 PM 2/11/2004 -0500, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>Dear EC members,
>This is a 10 day SEC email ballot to make a determination by EC motion to
>approve the attached Press Release.  Please note I have placed a modifier
>on the closing time of the ballot  such that it may close no later than 10
>days after the start of the email ballot or as soon 24 hours after every
>member of the EC casts a definitive ballot (APP, DIS or ABS).  The reason
>for the modifier is to allow the press release, if it is approved, to be
>issued as quickly as possible.
>The LMSC executive committee approves of the attached press release on the
>ratification of the IEEE 802.3ak Type 10GBASE-CX4 ammendment by the
>Standards Board.
>Moved by :        Bob Grow
>Seconded by:    Roger Marks
>The email ballot opens on Wednesday February 11 2004 3PM EST and closes the
>of  February 21 3PM EST or 24 hours after every member of the EC has cast a
>ballot, whichever comes
>Please direct your responses to the EC reflector with a CC directly to me
>- Paul Nikolich
>Chairman, IEEE 802 LMSC
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>Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2004 11:33 AM
>Subject: IEEE 802.3ak news release
>The attached draft of the IEEE 802.3ak press release for 10 gigabit
>Ethernet on copper wire has been approved by Bob Grow and Dan Dove.  It has
>also been blessed by the communications people at HP ProCurve, Dan's
>organization.  It can now ready to go to the 802 EC for approval.
>(See attached file: PR_802.1ak_fin.doc)
>Karen McCabe
>Senior Marketing Manager, IEEE Standards
>445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331
>Piscataway NJ 08855 USA
>PH: +1 732 562 3824