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[802SEC] Executive Committee Member Emeritus

Dear EC members,

Per our discussion during the EC meeting this week to discuss the member emeritus position, here is what I propose to have decided this afternoon.

1) Motion:
To approve the creation of a EC member emeritus position with the following
- based on long years of prior distinguished service on EC
- non voting participant
- a person must be nominated and elected by the EC to fill the position
- limited to a single position
- position expires at the next regular EC election
(these conditions are similar to those used in the Standards Board
Bylaws--see below)

Assuming this is approved, the next steps will be:

2) Nominate Geoff Thompson to fill the member emeritus position
3) Hold election



p.s. attached below is the text from the Standards Board Bylaws

4.1 Membership
As stated in the IEEE Standards Association Operations Manual, the IEEE-SA
Standards Board shall consist of no fewer than 18 nor more than 26 voting
members, who shall be of Member or higher grade of the IEEE and members of
the IEEE Standards Association, including a chair, vice chair, and the most
recent past chair available to serve. Voting members of the IEEE-SA
Standards Board shall be appointed by the IEEE-SA BOG. In addition, a
representative appointed by the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) shall
be a voting member. In addition, the IEEE-SA Standards Board may include
nonvoting participants as described below:
Liaison representatives to provide coordination and communication between
the IEEE-SA Standards Board and other IEEE entities, as well as other
organizations involved in standards activities.
Members emeriti elected for life by the IEEE-SA Standards Board and ratified
by the IEEE-SA BOG, based on long years of prior distinguished service on
the IEEE Standards Board and its committees. Only those members emeriti
currently named to this position as of 31 December 1997 shall serve on the
IEEE-SA Standards Board.

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