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Re: [802SEC] Socials


Many of our members don't arrive until Monday morning or early afternoon. I don't think moving the social to Sunday would cause them to arrive earlier. The social is a big expense and I don't think it would be fair to continue it paid by general registration if we moved it to a time when many couldn't attend unless we scaled it way down. If instead of being dinner, we scaled it back to more like it was in the 80's - some veggie trays, cheese and cracker trays or fruit and dessert, then it might be reasonable to provide as a light reception before or after the training.

We have the architects meeting from 2 to 5 on Sunday which limits the times available especially if one also tries to hold the Executive committee meeting then - it would have to be after the architects meeting. It would be difficult to accomodate Exec meeting, social and a training session in that time slot. Monday and Tuesday already run from 8 AM to 10 PM with tutorial sessions and such. We are moving the social off Wednesday so meetings can run late that night too. I would prefer that any Exec committments Sunday finish by 8 PM as I get little enough sleep during the week as it is.

The major issues with the social are due to its size and wouldn't be solved by moving the social to Sunday (unless that caused so many people to not attend that it got much smaller - but that just emphasizes the problem of spending attendee fees to host a social that many of them are not around to attend.


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An alternative I've raised is the possibility to moving the Social to
Sunday Night as a meet and greet.  We can couple it with an introduction
to 802 session.  Also, since most of us are here on Sunday anyway, we
can move the opening EC meetings to Sunday.  I'm moving ballot
resolution to telecom so that should make some room.

Just some ideas.


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I think we should put the question raised by 802.11 of whether to
continue having socials to our working groups at the next plenary. On
the one hand, I hate to get rid of the opportunity to meet each other in
a less formal setting than our meetings. On the other hand, as we get
larger it isn't clear that socials are working.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to locate people in these large

The noise level is often so high that conversation is difficult - a
positive feedback loop that results in a hoarse throat.

Because of these factors I know some people don't choose to attend the

The cost seems much higher than the benefit they are providing - over
$30 a head at the last plenary.


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