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[802SEC] projector donations

Dear EC members,
As Buzz told us during the closing EC meeting, we have 5 projectors that are to be retired.  We will keep one as a spare to cover a failure of one of our existing projectors, the other 4 will be donated.  We think they should be donated to worthy non-profits serving their communities.  We have had one request for a donation from the Religous Society of Friends (Quakers) in Palo Alto for their youth program.  They are a 501c3 organization.  Buzz and I plan to honor that request. 
We thought that we should give the EC members an opportunity to name similar type community programs worthy of a donation of our old equipment.  Please contact the programs you think may be interested and have them send a letter to Buzz requesting a donation of a projector.  We'll donate the remaining projectors on a first come first serve basis.
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