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Re: [802SEC] March EC Agenda Item

The Motion for the PAR Extension was approved by a Technical Vote.
The Motion instructed the Chair to forward a completed form. The mover of the 
Motion was Mark Klerer who will also agree with the intent of the motion
The Motion is below.
I did review the text this week and made some minor editorial changes with 
Working Group.
Jerry Upton

The Following Motion was approved the 802.20 Working Group at the January 
Interim with Quorum in attendance (66 of 79 Voters)
The 802.20 Working Group approves the request for a two year extension of the 
current PAR. The chair will forward the completed PAR Extension Form to the 
802 Executive Committee for approval. If approved, the request will be sent to 
NesCom for its approval. Two years is the customarily granted extension; 
however a one year extension shall also be acceptable if that is deemed appropriate 
by the 802 EC and NesCom.
Vote on the motion: 51 Yes, 8 No, 1 Abstain. Motion passes with 86.4

In a message dated 3/7/2006 5:09:06 PM Central Standard Time, writes:
As I mentioned to you earlier, I think it is always important that a 
PAR form be approved by the WG, as a technical decision.

It is my understanding that your PAR Extension Form was created after 
the WG's interim session. Therefore, I think it would be prudent to 
have the specific form approved by the WG at this Plenary Session 
before it is reviewed by the EC on Friday.


>Per Bob's request, I have posted the PAR Extension Request at:
>The form has been updated per comments from Jodi Haasz.
>Jerry Upton
>In a message dated 2/5/2006 10:01:06 AM Central Standard Time, Jerry1upton
>It is not posted. My apology for not knowing the customary approach for an
>extension request.
>I will post the PAR Extension Form early next week and send a note to the EC
>reflector. I am waiting for some additional comments from Jodi and then I 
>post a revised version.
>Jerry Upton
>In a message dated 2/5/2006 7:34:07 AM Central Standard Time,
> writes:
>It is customary to supply a URL for the PAR to decrease bandwidth in
>announcement to our WGs.  Is it posted on the 802.20 site?
>--Bob Grow
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Jerry1upton@AOL.COM [mailto:Jerry1upton@AOL.COM]
>Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2006 3:38 PM
>Subject: [802SEC] March EC Agenda Item
>Please add this PAR Extension request to the EC agenda for the March
>Attached is my Motion requesting approval and the completed PAR
>Form provide by SA.
>EC Members,
>Please send me any comments or questions.
>Jerry Upton

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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.