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[802SEC] 802.3 PARs for March consideration


We have concluded that it is time to start a revision project on IEEE
Std 802.3-2005.  This is earlier than required by the three year rule,
but looking at schedules for ongoing amendments, this looks like the
best time to do it without delaying approval of those ongoing amendment
projects (e.g., P802.3av, P802.3at).

This revision will also be an adventure because it will split part of
IEEE Std 802.3 out into a new standard.  We have though assumed that
this split is still a maintenance item and therefore does not require a
Five Criteria document.  As you will see from the PARs, the revision is
two co-dependent projects, one being the extraction of Link Aggregation,
and the second being a basic revision of the remainder of IEEE Std

The revision plan has been reviewed with both 802.3 and 802.1, but both
PARs will required formal 802.3 approval at the March plenary meeting.
For the visually oriented, a flow chart of the revision plan can be
found at:

The two draft PARs can be found at:

P802.3REV -- Revision of 802.3 (including 802.3an, 802.3ap, 802.3aq,
802.3as, Cor1, Cor2 and Maint #9 changes).

P802.1AX -- Link Aggregation (extraction of 802.3 Clause 43 and related

--Bob Grow

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