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[802SEC] Comments on 802.1Q ECMP


Section 5.2

"It is anticipated that a new Tag will be defined possibly including a Time to Live (TTL) field."

Delete this sentence as it will not look right in the published standard. Furthermore, this is an implementation detail, I think that the scope is sufficient without it.

Section 5.3

My assumption is that 802.1aq is not broken without the addition of the new project, but rather the new project enhances the capabilities provided in 802.1aq and that 802.1aq has advanced through a significant part of the process.

If both these are true, then this subsection should include that information. If my assumption is not true, then it would be better to include this as part of the 802.1aq project.

Section 5.4

Because the purpose will go into the draft unmodified, remove references to 802.1aq and simply reference the features of 802.1aq. For example, in the first sentence, change it to say "... equal cost paths than the Equal Cost Tree (ECT) mechanism ..."

Also do not use "would be used", rather say "This standard is used with the 802.1 control plane and uses specific ..."

Delete "This standard may ... the new Tag formats".

In the third paragraph, change to "Both ECT and ECMP can be used at the same time ..."

No comments on the 5C.


James Gilb
IEEE 802 LMSC Recording Secretary

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