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[802SEC] Comments on 802.15.7 PAR


Section 2.1

In the title, the word Standard is used twice. I would suggest the title of: "Standard for Physical (PHY) Layer and Medium Access Control (MAC) Layer for Short-Range Wireless Optical Communication using Visible Light"

or an even simpler one:

"Standard for Short-Range Wireless Optical Communication using Visible Light"

Section 5.1

A suggestion: Although I agree with the change in tense in the last sentence, I think it would be best to simply delete it as it would be difficult to show that it adheres to any of the many eye safety regulations. Also, we need to be careful with any claims of safety in a standard.

Section 5.4

An editorial suggestion: In the rest of the standard, a acronym when spelled out is not capitalized unless it is a proper name or occurs in a location in which the word would be capitalized anyway. Hence, I suggest changing "Radio Frequency" to be "radio frequency"

Also make this change to "radio frequency" in section 5.5.

Section 5.5

Editorial suggestions: More mistakes in capitalization, change to "location based services", "point-to-multipoint", and "intelligent transportation systems"

James Gilb
IEEE 802 LMSC Recording Secretary

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