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[802SEC] 802.11 comments on 802.1QECMP

802.1Qbp amendment for equal cost multiple paths (ECMP), PAR and 5C 

5.2 Scope: "It is anticipate" is not present tense sentence. Please change sentence for present tense..

2.1 Title: says Multiple path, but the Scope seems to say a single path.  There was some confusion on whether the scope single path is not supposed to be a multi-path statement.

5.2 Scope: We have difficulty in reading the following sentence: would this suggested change to the sentence be correct? 

Suggested change to sentence: "The standard will ensure that Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) can be used to proactively monitor and diagnose the paths that data takes through the network." to "The standard defines Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) enhancements that can be used to..".

PAR: "802.1aq" : Check this number should it be 802.1Qaq? Seems typo in several places in the PAR.

5.4 Purpose Statement: Present tense sentence rather than future vision of "proposed" or "envisioned" should be used.

5.4 Proposed Change: " It is expected that both the current 802.1aq ECT and ECMP would be used at the same time in the same network ..." to "Both ECT and ECMP may be used at the same time in the same network.."

Feature Creep in Scope/Purpose/ the last feature listed in each section the same thing? FCM vs OA&M

8.1 add item number to descriptions.

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