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[802SEC] 802.23 Review of 802.15.8 PAR & 5 Criteria

802.23 consensus input

*Scope*: This standard defines the PHY and MAC specifications optimized for personal space communications, providing dynamic scalability of link rates from 100 kbps to 50 Mbps in the globally available unlicensed bands including 2.4 GHz and 60 GHz bands, principally operating in short range. It supports features including group communication, high precision ranging, QoS (reliability and latency), low power consumption, fast association and synchronization, enhanced security, handover for devices, and coverage extension. (More information regarding this project is provided in Section 8.1.)

The scope sounds like this is a proposal for more than one standard given the ranges of speeds and spectrum locations.

"Principally operating in short range" is non quantitative and is potentially not limited to "short range"

Group communication sounds like a different application area than "personal space".

The parenthetical comment at the end of the scope does not belong in the text of the draft and standard (where it must appear by rule).

5.4 Purpose:
The applications and services used in a personal space (refer to Section 8.1.a) *become* diversified, demanding a wide variety of service requirements. To accommodate such diverse applications and services, the electrical, electronic, and mechanical devices surrounding a person can be *automatically* configured according to his or her preference. This standard is to provide a wireless communication means to a personal space involving various devices associated with a single individual to be controlled and managed in a personally tailored fashion.

There is a problem with the first "sentence". "Become" is not an appropriate verb here and it is not clear what is meant.

"Automatically" implies that this reconfiguration is built-in at the lower layers. It is more likely that this will be programmed due to input from the upper layers.

The definition in 8.1.a Definition of Personal Space Communications does not align with the implied definition in the scope statement

For the definition of personal space for this project, We are not comfortable with the dynamic and psychologically oriented nature of the definition. The current definition is non-limiting. We need a quantitative definition that we, as engineers can cope with.

The 5C statement:
*"b) One unique solution per problem (not two solutions to a problem)
The PSC Standard will consist of one Medium Access Control and Physical Layer per problem. The standard will address a unique solution for PSC in free space."

..sounds like a request to allow the group to write an infinite number of standards, one per application.

Re Criteria 5b
Precisely what are the "expectations" that will be met.

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