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[802SEC] Comment request on proposed IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Bandwidth Assessment Ad Hoc press release

Dear EC members,

As you are aware the IEEE 802.3 Working Group has an IEEE-SA Industry Connections activity assessing the future bandwidth needs of Ethernet wireline applications, the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Bandwidth Assessment Ad Hoc. The IEEE-SA has developed a press release to announce this activity.

Before I start a formal ballot I want to request comments/changes that should be included.

Please note that there are a number of 'additional quotes' appended to the draft release. Since the email ballot process may result in a change to the content of release, the appending of each quote to the actual release is pending final approval from the sources once they can review the final release. This is on the basis that they only have the ability to approve the appending of their quotes as is. They will not be able to make any further changes or additions to their quotes - or to the release itself. If they choose not to provide approval, due for example to a change in the release during this ballot, their quote will simply not be included.

Thanks and best regards,

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