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[802SEC] 802.18 Items for Friday's Closing Plenary

Dear EC,

This week 802.18 has approved five documents which fall into two categories.

For the Consent Agenda:

1)    18-12-0028-01-0000 - UPDATE OF WIRELESSMAN-ADVANCED RADIO INTERFACE OF RECOMMENDATION ITU-R M.2012 (MEETING Y) - This is a response to a February 13th liaison from ITU-R WP5D and provides information on material that will be presented to the July meeting of WP5D. This is simply a continuation of coordination between IEEE 802.16 and ITU-R WP5D.

2)    18-12-0031-01-0000 - IMT-2000 OFDMA TDD WMAN submission toward revision 11 of recommendation ITU-R M.1457 (meeting x+2) - , this contribution contains updated material on IMT 2000 OFDMA TDD WMAN for Revision 11 of Recommendation ITU-R M.1457 in line with Circular Letter 8/LCCE/95 and the schedule received from ITU-R Working Party 5D. This is simply a continuation of coordination between IEEE 802.16 and ITU-R WP5D.

3)    18-12-0032-02-0000 - PROPOSED DRAFT LIAISON STATEMENT TO ITU-R WP 5A ON "WORKING DOCUMENT TOWARDS A PRELIMINARY DRAFT NEW REPORT ITU-R [LMS.CRS2]" - This contribution addresses ITU-R WP 5A's working document [1] toward a preliminary draft new Report ITU-R [LMS.CRS2]. IEEE 802 wireless standards are well suited for use in Cognitive Radio Systems. To reflect such capabilities, IEEE is proposing a new annex on IEEE 802 Wireless Standard Systems for Cognitive Radio and additional modifications to be included in the working document [1]. This is simply a continuation of coordination between 802.16 and ITU-R WP5D.

4)    18-12-0033-02-0000 - Reply comments on the report filed January 27th, 2012 by Progeny LMS, LLC, seeking to demonstrate that its Multilateration Location and Monitoring Service ("M-LMS") network does not cause unacceptable levels of interference to Part 15 devices in the 902-928 MHz band. These comments present the view that Progeny has failed to meet the terms required by the Commission, namely, that Progeny demonstrate that its equipment does not cause unacceptable interference to Part 15 devices operating in the 902-928 MHz frequency band.

For the LMSC Chair:

There is an additional document where the LMSC Chair will have to make a decision on when and where to use the material.

1)    18-12-0030-02-0000 - THE IEEE 802 LAN/MAN STANDARDS COMMITTEE POSITION ENDORSING WORLD-WIDE LICENSE-EXEMPT USAGE OF THE TELEVISION BAND WHITESPACES - This document was provided to the Executive Secretary yesterday for placement as appropriate on the agenda. The source is 802.22 and 802.18 assisted in assembling the document.

All of these documents are posted on the 802.18 Mentor web site.

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