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[802SEC] EC email ballot results - IEEE 802.3bm 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Fibre Optic Ethernet approval press release

Dear EC members,

In respect to the 'IEEE 802.3bm 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Fibre Optic Ethernet approval press release' email ballot, I'm announcing that the ballot has passed. I apologise for the delay in announcing these results but there was a delay in resolving the comments, I have provided further information below.

Thanks and best regards,

 Vote categories:         NV     APP    DIS    ABS    DNV
 VC Pat Thaler                   APP
 VC James Gilb                   APP
 TR Clint Chaplin                APP
 RS John D'Ambrosia              APP
 ES Jon Rosdahl                  APP
 01 Glenn Parsons                                     DNV
 03 David Law                    APP
 11 Adrian Stephens              APP
 15 Bob Heile                    APP
 16 Roger Marks                  APP
 17 John Lemon            NV
 18 Mike Lynch                   APP
 19 Steve Shellhammer            APP
 20 Radhakrishna Canchi   NV
 21 Subir Das                    APP
 22 Apurva Mody                  APP
 24 James Gilb    Only gets one vote
 PE Juan Carlos Zuniga    NV
 ME Geoff Thompson        NV
 19 TOTALS                05      13     00     00    01

There was one comment received from Geoff Thompson that reads as follows, a number of EC members indicated support for the comment.


I believe that the way the document is mentioned in the release is not the proper form.

It says:
	"IEEE 802.3bm is available for purchase at the IEEE Standards Store."

We have traditionally be told that the proper way to refer to such a document was:
	"P802.3bm/Dn.n" for an unapproved draft.
	"IEEE Std 802.3bm" for an approved standard.

Please fix (or if the rules have changed let me and our colleagues know).


Unfortunately the resolution of this comment was initially delayed by the attachment of a confidentially statement to an email in the exchange, this was subsequently resolved. At that point the discussion became a broader question as to if the release should be issued shortly after approval, and reference the approved draft, or should be delayed until the publication of the standard (expected early April) and reference the standard in the IEEE Standards Store. The second option was selected and the attached release will be issued shortly after publication of the IEEE Std 802.3bm 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Optical Ethernet standard. As can be seen in the attached change bar version of the draft release, the one change is to refer to the published standard in the IEEE Standards Store as 'IEEE Std 802.3bm' as suggested in the comment.

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