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[802SEC] IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) - Call for Candidates - IEEE-SA Board of Governors Members

Dear EC,
Please pass this along to your groups and consider nominating someone (including yourself).
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Subject: IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) - Call for Candidates - IEEE-SA Board of Governors Members
The Nominations and Appointments Committee (N&A) of the IEEE-SA Board of Governors (BOG) is soliciting the names of candidates to serve on the 2016/2017 IEEE-SA BOG and the 2017/2018 IEEE-SA BOG.

BOG responsibilities and functions, as noted in the IEEE Standards Association Operations Manual (see

"4.1.1 IEEE-SA BOG responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the IEEE-SA BOG and each Board member to uphold the reputation of the IEEE as a worldwide professional technical society and the IEEE-SA as a world leader in the development and promulgation of standards. To carry out these responsibilities, the IEEE-SA BOG will, at a minimum,
a) Approve policy additions/changes with significant financial/strategic implications for the IEEE-SA
b) Pursue programs to meet the global needs of standards users
c) Monitor developments in government and industry that demonstrate the need for standards-related activities and propose appropriate action to the IEEE-SA Standards Board
d) Make recommendations to the IEEE Board of Directors on standards-related issues 
e) Maintain a current Operations Manual in concert with IEEE Bylaws and IEEE Policies
f) Establish and disband committees, as appropriate, to perform the work of the IEEE-SA BOG
g) Strive to establish and maintain a constituency of IEEE-SA members representative of all basic interests:
1) Technical societies and councils
2) Regional organizational units
3) Industry
4) Government
5) The general public
h) Provide financial oversight for the overall operation of the IEEE-SA
i) Recommend candidates to be elected by the IEEE-SA constituency for the positions of IEEE-SA President-Elect in alternating years, and two members-at-large annually
j) Approve membership of the IEEE-SA Standards Board
k) Approve IEEE-SA position statements
l) Hold and attend meetings to accomplish the work of the IEEE-SA BOG
m) Provide an awards program for recognition of exceptional service
n) Appoint the chair of the IEEE-SA Standards Board
o) Appoint two IEEE-SA BOG members-at-large annually

4.1.2 IEEE-SA BOG functions
The IEEE-SA BOG will perform the following basic functions:
a) Establish and maintain a constituency of a wide range of basic interests among industry, government, and public areas
b) Address the global interests of the technical societies and regional organizational units of the IEEE
c) Establish and achieve strategic, long-range goals and objectives to better serve the constituency and customer base with appropriate standards-related products and services
d) Review all policy additions and/or changes with significant financial or strategic implications
e) Set policy for new methods of standards development as needed"

If you would like to be considered for the 201
or 201
IEEE-SA BOG [see], please note the following rules that apply to any potential candidate, and forward a completed Candidate Form (see attachment) to Dave Ringle [].

​Please reply by 5 May 2015.

The slate of candidates will be forwarded to the IEEE-SA Board of Governors Nominations and Appointments Committee (N&A) for its review.  

Rules for IEEE-SA BOG membership: 

1. The time commitment is three face-to-face meetings and
​at least ​
one teleconference.

The 201
calendar is located at . The BOG meetings are denoted by blue highlight.

Attendance is expected at all meetings. 

2. This is a non-funded position.  You are expected to fund your own travel. 

3. You must have an email address, web access, and a laptop computer to bring to the meeting. 

4. All voting members of the IEEE-SA BOG shall be of IEEE Member, Senior Member, or Fellow grade, and shall have membership in the IEEE-SA. 

Please contact Dave Ringle [] if you have any questions. The BOG web area is located at

We look forward to your participation.

Best regards, 

​Richard Hulett
, Chair 
IEEE-SA Board of Governors Nominations and Appointments Committee 

David L. Ringle
Director, IEEE-SA Governance
IEEE Standards Association
445 Hoes Lane                              
Piscataway, NJ  08854-4141 USA
TEL: +1 732 562 3806
FAX: +1 732 875 0524               
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