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[802SEC] 802.15.4u PAR and CSD for consideration in November

Greetings all-

In compliance with the 30 day rule, you will find attached a PAR and CSD for a PHY layer amendment to IEEE Std. 802.15.4 for consideration and approval at the November Plenary. This purpose of this amendment is provide support for specific unlicensed bands in India which have been designated for SmartGrid/Smart City/IoT applications

There are currently many Government Departments and Agencies in India that are recommending the use of sub 1 GHz bands for SmartGrid/Smart City/IoT applications and in particular the 865-867MHz band in India which has recently been opened for broader unlicensed use at power levels up to 4 watts. This amendment enables the use of that band with 15.4 in India. This amendment will join other previously completed 15.4 amendments supporting specific bands in China (15.4c and n), Japan (15.4d), and the US (15.4j --2.3 GHz medical use only band).

The changes to 5.2.a (scope of Standard) and 5.4 (Purpose), that appear in this PAR, reflect the scope and purpose contained in the nearly complete15.4 Revision.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.



Bob Heile, Ph.D

Director of Standards, Wi-SUN Alliance
Chair, IEEE 802.15 Working Group on Wireless Specialty Networks
Chair IEEE 2030.5 Working Group for Smart Energy Profile 2
Co-Chair IEEE P2030 Task Force 3 on Smartgrid Communications

11 Robert Toner Blvd, Suite 5-301
North Attleboro, MA  02763   USA
Mobile: +1-781-929-4832
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