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[802SEC] Some outcomes from the EC workshop

Dear 802.11 participants,


I trust you all managed to get home, eventually, storms notwithstanding.

I participated in the EC workshop on Friday and Saturday after the 802.11

closing plenary,  as did a number of 802.11 participants.


I thought I’d give a quick heads-up about some relevant topics.


On the Matter of 5G and IMT-2020,  the EC tentatively agreed (subject to ballot confirmation) to

form an EC standing committee:


To provide a report on the following items to the EC:

·         Costs and benefits of creating an IEEE 5G specification

·         Costs and benefits of providing a proposal for IMT-2020, considering possible models of a proposal: 

o    as a single technology, 

o    as a set of technologies,

o    or as one or more technologies within a proposal from external bodies (e.g., 3GPP)


During its lifetime,  to act as the communication point with other IEEE organizations on this topic.



The committee is chartered for 6 months (i.e.,  due July 2016 at the 802 plenary) as an EC SC (type 2).  Any 802 WG voting member may participate as a voting member of the committee.

802.11 folks who want to see this happen should expect to participate in this activity.



On the Motion approved in the WG on Friday:

Based on interest expressed during the IEEE 802.11 WNG meeting on 19 January 2016  in the IMT-2020 activity, IEEE 802.11 WG recommends to IEEE 802 EC that a liaison be sent to ITU-R WP5D indicating that IEEE 802 is interested in participating in the IMT-2020 process.



I’m expecting Joseph/Andrew/Juan-Carlos to produce a draft liaison letter.   But I do note from the discussion in the EC:

1.       We are a sector member of ITU-R,  so this would be a bit like one of our subgroups sending a liaison to the EC.

2.       All communications to ITU-R go through the IEEE’s rep Mike Lynch,  who is there is ensure consistency of message across the IEEE.

3.       A process is being set up in IEEE to coordinate across groups attempting to provide solutions for 5G.

4.       Roger Marks indicates there is no particular hurry to deliver this message.


Based on that discussion,  I expect a request to approve a liaison will fail.  Notwithstanding that expectation,

I will ask for an EC letter ballot once the letter becomes available.



The radio-regulatory organization was discussed in detail and at length.   The EC tentatively agreed:

·         To retain 802.18 as a TAG

·         To give it a new mission statement

·         To limit it to two meetings in fixed slots, one of which is Monday pm1.  This should enable members of other groups to gain voting membership in .18 fairly quickly.

·         To expect to do much of the work in ad-hocs  in collaboration with WGs as necessary.



The EC discussed ways of improving the attendance system at length.   The consensus view of the EC,  and

their recommendation to me was to make no changes in the way I am handling attendance.



Best Regards,




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