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[802SEC] 802.1 PAR comments on P802.15.12

Bob and Pat,


The 802.1 WG tasked its TSN TG to review the P802.15.12 PAR & CSD and provide comments. Please find below the resulting comments.  We look forward to discussing these further during our joint meeting on Tuesday.






Glenn Parsons - Chair, IEEE 802.1





Review of 802.15 PAR

6.1.b answer is not clear.  It says there will be registration but it doesn't say what will be registered.

5.2 The scope does not obviously allow for fragmentation.  If fragmentation is part of the project it must be mentioned in the scope.  Please clarify what is optional ("for optional use").  If the project is going to define header compression, this needs to be mentioned in the scope.  Please clarify what you mean by "upper Layer-2 sublayer (L2+)".

5.5  Does the L3 abstraction refer to header compression? 

8.1 The material here does not belong in the PAR.  This material might belong in the CSD.



We would like to discuss the relevance of 802.1AC to this project. 

Are you planning to use Ethernet Protocol Discrimination (EPD)? 
In 1.2.4(a) the phrase "along with new functionalities" undermines the technical feasibility argument. 

1.2.5(a) the answer given doesn't address the question.  The proposed project does not affect the balance of costs between the infrastructure and attached stations.


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