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[802SEC] Response to comments on IEEE P802.3bt draft PAR modification request

Dear EC members,

Please see below the comments and responses in respect to the IEEE P802.3bt draft PAR modification request. Thanks to James and IEEE 802.11 for these comments. The updated PAR can be accessed as follows.

PAR: <>

Best regards,


[Gilb comment 1] PAR item 5.2.b:

Present tense is required in the scope, hence the PAR cannot say
"may be enabled".  Change to "are enabled" or "are optionally enabled"
or "are enabled as an option"


ACCEPTED. The text 'may be' has been replaced with 'are optionally'.


[Gilb comment 2] PAR item 8.1:

Typo, change "5.2B" to be "5.2.b"


ACCEPTED. Text modified as suggested.


[IEEE 802.11 comment 1] CSD Technical Feasibility:

CSD - New CSD Format approved by 802, would prefer update to this nominal slide deck to readily validate the correct set of CSD criteria. Note that the order of the CSD does not match this format.


REJECT. This is a PAR modification request. Updating of 5C to new CSD format is not required.

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